Under the Health & Social Care Act 2012, NHS England has the power to collect information from all providers of NHS care, including general practices. 

Do the patients have a choice?

Yes. You have the right to prevent the confidential information about you being shared or used for any other purpose other than providing your care, except in exceptional circumstances. If you do not want information that identifies you to be shared outside your practice, ask the receptionist to make a note of this in your medical record         

Message from NHS England

A leaflet entitled 'Better Information means better care' is being delivered to every household by the end of January. This leaflet describes how information in medical records is used for purposes beyond the direct care of the patient, including the programme, research and risk stratification. 

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Patient opt out

Patients will have a minimum of four weeks from receipt to read the leaflet and register their objection at the GP practice, if they wish to do so, before the first extract begins.

Data extraction

Practices cannot opt out of extractions for Using its powers under the Health and Social Care Act 2012, NHS England has directed the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC) to make this collection. These Directions give the HSCIC the power to require the information and GPs are legally obliged to comply with that requirement.

Any queries

If a patient objects to their confidential information being shared then the GP practice will add the relevant objection codes into a patient's record. 


 Risk profiling: How your NHS records are used

This practice is taking part in a new NHS service that helps your GP to spot whether you need more help to manage your health. The service is called “risk profiling”.

Using information from your health records, a secure NHS computer system will look at any recent treatments you have had in hospital or at this surgery, and any existing health conditions that you have, and alert your doctor to the likelihood of a possible future hospital admission. This may include screening service and technologies that help us search all of our patient’s records to identify our patients that would most benefit from a particular treatment, sometimes by linking the information we hold with information about you from other organisations providing your care. The clinical team at the surgery will use the information to help you get early care and treatment where it is needed.

 The information will be seen only by qualified health workers involved in your care. NHS security systems will protect your health information and patient confidentiality at all times.

If you don’t want your information being used in this way, or have any other concerns, please contact the Practice Manager

 How we use your personal data

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We may utilise data processors to undertake certain work on behalf of the Practice. Where this occurs the data processor will be engaged under contract and will work entirely under our direction. They will be required to treat all information confidentiality and maintain equivalent security standards to the Practice.

 Transferring your electronic health record

 Summary Care Record

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